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Ray Sir Roof
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Ray Sir Roof
atomic rays
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Next Gig! Friday - 19th January 2018   A Night for Helen at The Tunnels OK kids, this is the Rays last gig for 6 months. We're supporting Hipster (all the way from Chester) for a fundraiser in memory of Helen Minnery. Proceeds are going to Beating Bowel Cancer.

Running order:
Acoustic set from Jody of Hipster 7.45-8.30
Atomic Rays 9-10
Hipster 10.30-12

Tickets are £10 and if you'd like one, use the "email the atomic rays" link.

Apparently you can pay on the door.

Then we're off to India with our gurus to find the lost chord.
Atomic Rays - Ray Sir Roof Ray “Sir” Roof - Keyboards

The converted B29 bomber that took the Atomic Rays to the fallout shelter was piloted by British pilot Ray Roof.

Her majesty’s government’s exact motivations for supplying him are currently unclear. However, his name comes up in various accounts of SOE activity in central Europe during WWII where he was codenamed “White Knight”. Hence his nickname of Ray “Sir” Roof.

Sir Roof’s keyboards are rumoured to be those that went missing from Captain Nemo’s submarine Nautilus in the 19th Century. However, new evidence suggests that they are in fact heavily modified Russian experimental keyboards that mysteriously found their way into The West by unknown means shortly before Perestroika brought the Cold War to an end. Political and historical eyebrows have been raised further by the (unfounded) rumours that they are, in fact, of Japanese origin.

Ray “Sir” Roof can only be described as a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.


Ray Sir Roof