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Ray Gunn - Bass
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Ray Gunn - Bass
atomic rays
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Next Gig! Friday - 19th January 2018   A Night for Helen at The Tunnels OK kids, this is the Rays last gig for 6 months. We're supporting Hipster (all the way from Chester) for a fundraiser in memory of Helen Minnery. Proceeds are going to Beating Bowel Cancer.

Running order:
Acoustic set from Jody of Hipster 7.45-8.30
Atomic Rays 9-10
Hipster 10.30-12

Tickets are £10 and if you'd like one, use the "email the atomic rays" link.

Apparently you can pay on the door.

Then we're off to India with our gurus to find the lost chord.
Atomic Rays - Ray Gun Ray Gunn - Bass

Professor Ray Gunn was only in the fallout shelter because it was being used to store his monstrous experimental weaponry.

This was being done without the U.S. Government’s knowledge and to this day they are still unaware of the exact nature of his experiments. Rumour has it that they involved the use of subsonic waves as a “carrier” for inaudible messages of an unknown nature and purpose.

When questioned on this subject he chews on his calabash pipe and mumbles something nearly inaudible about “the legions of the Zagons” and “you’ll see...”

Uncommunicative at best, the professor’s true agenda can only be guessed at and in the meantime the Earth can only hold its breath. His dark presence on stage continues to control the rocking groove of The Atomic Rays and we can only hope that this is not just part of his monstrous and complex plan to...Well, who knows what?

Ironically, it is Ray Gunn you should contact if you wish to communicate with The Atomic Rays.

He is apparently friendly and quite well organised in such matters.


Ray Gunn - Bass