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Atomic Rays In the early years of the Cold War five guys named Ray decided it was best to stay hidden in a fallout shelter until the Russkies gave up. While they were there all they had were hot dogs to eat, 1950's sci-fi movies to watch and a radio to listen to. Having become adept at playing the music they heard and loved on that radio (especially during the 1970's) they finally decided it was safe to emerge early in 2007.

Calling themselves The Atomic Rays they hit the Bristol pub scene like an invasion from Mars.

Atomic Rays Playing the likes of Bowie, Purple, The Who, The Tubes, Bolan and The Stones with flamboyance, energy and the kind of theatre that only exposure to too many monster movies can inspire.

Lights, smoke, movies, monsters and in yer face Rock n' Roll. Oh, and a bit of jumping about. Atomic Rays are the metalunic Ray D8 on vocals, the single-minded Ray Zon Detra on guitar, the monstrous Ray Gunn on bass, the mysterious Ray "Sir" Roof on keyborads and the atomically powered Ray Dar on drums.

Will someone please call The National Guard? Its The Astonishing Atomic Rays! They're atomic. And they're all called Ray...

Next Gig: 15th November - BS3 Bedminster, Bristol

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